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MIS300 – Study Guide – Chapter Two -Collaboration: Occurs when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal, result, or work product. Works better than individuals working alone when it is effective. It involves coordination, communication, feedback, and iteration. The effectiveness of a collaborative effort is driven by three critical factors : 1. Communication 2. Content Management 3. Workflow Control -Communication: Has 2 key elements: 1.) the communication skills and the abilities of the group members. Work product can improve only if group members can criticize each other’s work without creating rancor and resentment and can improve their contributions based on criticism received. 2.) the availability of effective communication systems (face-to-face, e-mail, telephone, etc.) -Content Management: When multiple users are contributing and changing documents, it is important to manage content so that conflict does not occur. It is important to know who made what changes, when, and why. Content Management Systems track and report such data. -Workflow Control: Workflow is a process or procedure by which content is created, edited, used, and disposed. A workflow design can specify certain users to create, others to review, and other can review and approve documents. -Permissions: Allows certain people the ability to do specified tasks on a program (Some users can edit, some users can delete, some users can only read the document, etc.)
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COMMUNICATION -Synchronous Communication: Occurs when all team members meet at the same time, such as with face-to- face meetings or conference calls. -Asynchronous Communcaiton: Occurs when team members do not meet at the same time (employees who work different shifts, or employees that are in different time zones, etc.) -Virtual Meetings: Occur when participants do not meet in the same place and possibly not at the same time. If the virtual meeting is synchronous (all meet at the same time), then the participants can use conference calls or multiparty text chat (such as Microsoft Groove ). If every one of the participants has a camera on their computer, they can also do videoconferencing (such as Microsoft NetMeeting ) -Email: Available if the team must meet asynchronously. The problem is that not everyone will participate, discussion threads become disorganized and disconnect, and it is difficult to find particular emails, comments, or attachments after the fact. -Discussion Forums: One group member posts an entry, an idea, a comment, or a question, and other group members respond. Discussion forums are better than email because it is harder for the discussion to get off track, but it does remain easy for some members not to participate. -Team Surveys:
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MIS300_Midterm_Ch2 - MIS300 Study Guide Chapter...

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