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MIS300_Midterm_Ch3_Practice - MIS300 Study Guide Chapter...

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MIS300 – Study Guide – Chapter Three -An organization’s goals and objectives are determined by its __________________. -_______________________: Determines the structure, features, and functions of every information system. The strategy determines value chains, which in turn determine business processes. The nature of business processes determines the structure of an information system. Ex: _______________ _______________ ______________ _____________ ________________ -_____________________ Each activity in a value chain links to other activities in the value chain. Linkages are the interactions across the value activities. -__________________________ When organizations make it difficult and expensive for new competition to enter the market. -Porter’s FIVE FORCES MODEL: A model used to assess an industry structure. Five competitive forces determine industry profitability: - - - - - Organizations examine these five forces and determine how they intend to respond to them. The ___________ of each of the five forces determines the characteristics of the industry, how profitable it is, and how sustainable that profitability will be. FORCE EXAMPLE OF STRONG FORCE EXAMPLE OF WEAK FORCE Bargaining Power of Customers Toyota’s purchase of auto paint Your power over the procedures and policies of your university Threat of Substitutions Frequent-traveler’s choice Patients using the only
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of auto rental drug effective for their type of cancer Bargaining Power of Suppliers Students purchasing gasoline Grain farmers in a surplus year Threat of New Entrants
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MIS300_Midterm_Ch3_Practice - MIS300 Study Guide Chapter...

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