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MIS300_Midterm_Ch5 - MIS300 Study Guide Chapter...

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MIS300 – Study Guide – Chapter Five -Spreadsheets: Good for tracking items with just one theme. -Database: A self-describing collection of integrated records; good for tracking items with more than one theme. -Bytes: Characters of data, are grouped into columns (also called fields ) -Fields: Grouped into rows (also called records ) -Table: A group of similar rows (or records) that are also called files -A database is more than just a group of tables. It also includes the relationship among rows in the tables and metadata that describes the database’s structure. -Keys: A column that identifies a unique row in a table -A primary key can act as a foreign key in a different table. -A relational database carries data in the form of tables and uses foreign keys to represent relationships.
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- Metadata is data that describes data and makes databases easy to use. It is always a part of a database (Example: field name, data type, and description). -Databases are not very useful by themselves because there is no easy way to easily manage the data and turn it into useful information. -Database Application System: It makes database data more accessible and useful by using forms, formatted reports, queries, and application programs to provide useful information to users. -A database application includes forms, reports, queries, and applications programs available to one or more users. -Data Entry Forms:
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MIS300_Midterm_Ch5 - MIS300 Study Guide Chapter...

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