Orgo Unit 3.2 Discussion

Orgo Unit 3.2 Discussion -...

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Propose and describe several factors that can account for the stability difference  between cyclohexane and benzene. To answer this question, let’s first look at the factors that account for the stability of these molecules individually, and then we can synthesize this information to compare and contrast between the stabilizing factors between these molecules. The content for this discussion is based primarily on the content covered in our textbook, Organic Chemistry with Biological Applications , unless noted otherwise. In the last unit, where we talked about issues regarding ring strain in cycloalkanes, and we covered many of the features that make cyclohexane a particularly stable molecule. One particularly special feature of cyclohexane is that it is regularly flopping between different shapes. Of the different forms cyclohexane can assume, the chair formation is the most stable. In this form, all of the atoms are staggered, which reduces the potential energy of the molecule. The carbon atoms of the cyclohexane lie in a single plane, while
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Orgo Unit 3.2 Discussion -...

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