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Orgo Unit 4.3 Discussion - which says that they are...

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3) Define "electrophile." What electronic features characterize an electrophile? The following include definitions given by Fessenden and Fessenden in Organic Chemistry – 6 th Edition. Electrophiles are the opposite of nucleophiles. They are electron-lovers. As such, they are any molecules that are attracted toward negative centers. Consequently, electrophiles are Lewis Acids. I believe that the course textbook provides a better definition of electrophiles,
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Unformatted text preview: which says that they are positively polarized, electron poor atoms that can form a bond by accepting a pair of electrons from nucleophiles. Electrophiles can be positively charges or neutral. If the electrophile is positively charged, the atom becomes neutral upon accepting an electron pair from a nucleophile. Meanwhile, if the electrophile is neutral, it will become negatively charged upon accepting an electron pair from a nucleophile....
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