Bio Unit 4.2 Discussion

Bio Unit 4.2 Discussion - (1). What affects the fluidity of...

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(1). What affects the fluidity of biological membranes? How do hibernating animals cope with cold temperature? This discussion will be guided primarily by the course textbook, Life: The Science of Biology. Similar to my earlier discussion on what makes membranes differ from one another, I believe that the fluidity of membranes is again influenced primarily by their composition. However, I will agree that factors such as the environment may indirectly affect membrane fluidity, which is mediated by composition. I will elaborate on this point below. Let’s first discuss the composition of membranes and how these may directly influence fluidity… As the book discussed, membranes are composed lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Briefly, the textbook described how lipids provide the general structure of the membrane. Proteins create the channels that allow for the transport of molecules across the barrier. And carbohydrates are involved with signaling. Between these molecules, lipids comprise the majority of the membrane, phospholipids in particular. These phospholipids have hydrophilic, water-loving, heads and hydrophobic, water hating, tails, which arrange themselves to form a bilayer; the hydrophobic molecules are on the inside and the hydrophilic molecules are on the outside. In general, the structure of the membrane is typically the same. However, the lipid composition
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Bio Unit 4.2 Discussion - (1). What affects the fluidity of...

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