Bio Unit 5.1 Discussion

Bio Unit 5.1 Discussion - (1. coenzymes. enzyme Towards the...

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(1). Most vitamins are coenzymes or precursors to  coenzymes. Please do literature research and give an  example to explain how the vitamin affects the activity of the  enzyme. Towards the end of chapter 6 in our course textbook, Life: The Science of Biology , we learned that in order to function, some enzymes require other non-protein molecular partners. These include prosthetic groups, cofactors, and coenzymes. According to the textbook, coenzymes are defined as “carbon-containing molecules that are required for the action of one or more enzymes. Coenzymes are usually relatively small compared with the enzyme to which they temporarily bind” (pg. 130). The book also goes on to mention that coenzymes move from enzyme molecule to enzyme molecule to add or remove chemical groups from the substrate. Like substrates, they do not permanently bind to the enzyme, they do bind to the active site, and they may change chemically during the reaction. Vitamins are organic molecules that some animals need to have in their diets in small amounts. In most organisms, vitamins serve the same role. Evolutionarily, animals have developed such that they no longer synthesize these nutrients on their own and instead need to consume them from other sources (Macklin, 1991). Furthermore, the pathway for synthesizing vitamins has been shown to be quite complex. Therefore, it may be much
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Bio Unit 5.1 Discussion - (1. coenzymes. enzyme Towards the...

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