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(2). What are the eukaryotic cell cycle events that occur during  interphase and mitosis? The content for this discussion will be guided primarily by our textbook, Life: The Science of Biology . According to our textbook, the cell cycle includes those events that will produce two eukaryotic cells from a single parent cell. The cell cycle includes two components: 1.) Interphase 2.) Mitosis. By the end of the cycle, we get two cells. The cell is in interphase for most of the cycle. Within interphase, we have three “subphases.” They are: 1.) S Phase (Synthesis phase), when the DNA replicates 2.) G1 (Gap 1) 3.) G2 (Gap 2). We can say that the rest of the cell cycle is the M phase as well, which more broadly encompasses both Mitosis AND cytokinesis. During the G1 phase, the cell is preparing for the S phase. At this point in time, the chromosomes have not yet be replicated. This phase also tends to be variable in length. Furthermore, cells may even enter a G0 resting phase at this juncture. During the G1-to-S transition, this is when the cell becomes “committed” to cell division. During the S phase, DNA replication occurs. The outcome of this segment of interphase is that a chromosome becomes a pair of sister chromatids, joined together and awaiting segregation. While the DNA replicates, the centrosome which is an organelle in the cytoplasm, will also double. It will play an important role later in our discussion of mitosis. During the G2 phase, cells begin to prepare for mitosis. For example, they can synthesize the components of microtubules, which will eventually be needed to move the sister chromatids to opposite ends of the cell prior to cytokinesis. One important consideration that our textbook discusses are the role of cyclins and
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Bio Unit 6.2 Discussion -...

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