Bio Unit 7.2 Discussion

Bio Unit 7.2 Discussion - (2 There are a variety of...

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(2). There are a variety of abnormalities in the numbers of sex chromosomes due to nondisjunction during gametogenesis. Please discuss the signs and problems conditions such as Klinefelter and Turner syndromes. The primary source of this discussion response will come primarily from Chapter 10 of Life: The Science of Biology . Before I begin, let’s first discuss how sex is determined by the sex chromosomes. In males and females, each have an X chromosome. Women have an additional X chromosome, while men have a Y chromosome. Accordingly, women have an XX genotype for their sex chromosomes and males have an XY genotype for their sex chromosomes. In gamete production, males produce two kinds of gametes, half which contain X chromosomes and the other half containing Y chromosomes. Now, according to the textbook, nondisjunction can cause abnormal sex chromosome constitutions during meiosis. More specifically, the textbook defines nondisjunction as the occurrence of when a pair of sister chomosomes fails to separate (in Meiosis I) or sister chromatids faile to separate (in Meiosis II). The consequence of this is that gametes
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Bio Unit 7.2 Discussion - (2 There are a variety of...

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