Bio Unit 9.1 Discussion

Bio Unit 9.1 Discussion - (2). Please discuss how...

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(2). Please discuss how transcription occurs in three steps According to our textbook, Life: The Science of Biology , the central dogma states that DNA forms RNA via Transcription, which then form amino acid chains (polypeptides) via Translation. In Transcription, genes found in our DNA are used to form RNA, which has a sequence of bases that are complementary to what is found in our DNA. Transcription includes three steps. They are: 1.) Initiation 2.) Elongation 3.) Termination In a nutshell, initiation is the step in which the polymerase binds to a promoter and transcription begins at the initiation site of the promoter. Elongation then proceeds and the mRNA is formed from the 5’ end to the 3’ end. Termination is the end of transcription that is specified by a particular sequence of bases. The RNA transcript then separates from the DNA template. In the following sections, I will elaborate more on each step in my discussion of how transcription occurs. 1.) Initiation
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Bio Unit 9.1 Discussion - (2). Please discuss how...

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