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Allison Ensz – Précis 4: Money, How We Get It and Where It Goes In the article “Lies, Damned Lies, and Managed Earnings” by Carol J. Loomis in the book Honest Work , she discusses the idea that if you decide to go across the ethical line between doing right and doing wrong, eventually it will come to light and your actions will have great costs. Her first sentence of the article sums it up well where she talks about how somewhere in a Fortune 500 company someone is knowingly committing fraud – costing the company’s investors hundreds of millions of dollars; hundreds of billions of dollars it probably would have been more accurate. Loomis describes expectations as the essential or primary reason for “Managing Earnings” – which refers to trying to meet Wall Street expectations by corresponding their numbers. They have tried to create the idea that this is a legitimate business practice and many have lied themselves into believing that many corporate executives participate in this practice. Many do not even consider the idea
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