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EXTRA CREDIT FOR TEST 2 - 1420-002 What is the pH of a 0.01 M solution of sulfuric acid? Hint: K a1 is "very large," K a2 is finite. No simplifying assumptions can be made, because K a2 >> 1 x 10 -5 . Give the answer to three significant digits, please (i.e., 3 places to the right of the decimal point). Turn in this assignment 12:00 noon, at the beginning of class, April 4, 2011. A correct answer will result in 1 correct answer in the April 1 test (e.g., if you miss 4 questions in the February 28 test, with a correct extra credit your hour test's score will be given credit for only 3 questions missed).
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Unformatted text preview: To receive credit, (1) The answer to three significant places is required. REMEMBER, for pH values, this means places to the right of the decimal point. (2) all work must be shown. (3) the correct answer must be circled. (4) the assignment must be submitted by 12:00pm sharp, Apr 4 (no more work will be accepted after 12:00pm -- this will be strictly enforced). (5) Any "last minute copying" will result in rejection of the paper copied, and the paper being copied from (this, also, will be strictly enforced -- this includes "copying in the hall")....
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