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TheRiseofIslam_021533 - The Rise of Islam World History Mr...

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The Rise of Islam World History Mr. Bsharah
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Questions to Consider for this Era: 1. What are the main concepts of the doctrine of Islam? How is this faith different from Christianity? What is the position of women in the faith? What is the importance of other faiths to this movement? 2. Discuss the importance of Mecca to the development of Arab unity. What role did Medina play? Was Islam a "religion of the desert"? 3. Discuss the role of the ulama in Muslim society. How did this group receive their education? What was their relation to the caliphs? Why were they the new elite in society? 4. What was the importance of the umma to Muslim society? How were religious minorities and non‑Arab converts treated? How did the change of the Islamic capital to Baghdad affect the empire? 5. Compare the political and economic development of Islamic civilization to 800 C.E. to comparable civilizations in Europe, China , and India . Which society exhibited the most vitality? The least? What factor or factors do you think best explains this vitality? 6. Discuss some of the major obstacles to a universal acceptance of the Islamic faith and state in the conquered areas. Why did it take so long for Syria and Egypt to accept the faith? 7. Describe the main reasons for the decline of the Arab empire. What was the role of the Mamluks in the process of decline? How important was local control to the decline of empire? What were lasting contributions of the Arab empire?
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