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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1)The people who governed Rome at the outset of its history and strongly influenced its political and cultural practices were A)the Latins B) the Celts C)the Etruscans D) the Greeks 2)Etruscan civilization declined because A)an invasion by the Greeks in southern Italy forced them to abandon their principal center, Tarentum. B)the Romans succeeded in wiping them out in 509 B.C.E. C)a plague reduced the population. D)of an empire that was not firmly based and a Celtic invasion of the Po Valley. 3)During the early Republic, the Roman Senate A)was a lawmaking body. B)had control over the finances and foreign policy. C)was an advisory body which voted by century. D)none of the above 4)The class of noble landowners who dominated Roman society and politics during the Republic were known as A)questors. B) tribunes. C)plebians. D) patricians. 5)In the Roman Republic, plebians were A)the mass of ordinary Romans, mostly small farmers. B)the priests in charge of religious worship. C)the class of noble landowners. D)the members of the Senate. 6)The duties of the tribune were A)to sacrifice to the gods. B)to maintain the records of the Senate. C)to protect the plebeians from the arbitrary power of the magistrates. D)to protect the interests of the patricians. 7)Rome's treatment of conquered Italian cities A)promoted revolt due to harshness. B)was shortsighted and characterized by benign neglect. C)encouraged loyalty with financial subsidies as the reward. D)promoted loyalty by granting Roman citizenship to faithful allies. 8) The Carthaginian empire A)was centered in Spain. B)lost Macedonia to Rome in the Punic Wars. C)did not include Sicily. D)was based in North Africa. 1
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9)The Punic Wars were fought between Rome and A)Carthage B) Egypt C)Greece D) Macedonia 10)The Roman Republic (Map 6-3, Pg. 182), in addition to land on the Italian peninsula, controlled A)Germania. B) Egypt. C)Dalmatia. D) Sarmatia. 11)Hannibal planned to defeat Rome by A)a direct assault on the city itself B)invading Italy and persuading Rome's allies to revolt C)building a fleet and blockading the city by sea D)all of the above 12)As a result of its conquests during and after the Punic Wars, Rome experienced A)the start of Pax Romana B)serious social and political unrest C)a period of political stability and peace D)an influx of Germanic culture and ideas 13)Sallust believed that the destruction of Carthage was the beginning of the decline of the Roman Republic because A)the Punic Wars increased the prestige of Roman generals who desired more power B)the loss of a vital trading partner weakened the Roman economy C)the lack of an external enemy led to increased conflict within Roman government D)the Punic Wars were costly in terms of manpower and equipment 14)Latifundia were A)gladiatorial training schools B)a political alliance C)large houses of the aristocracy D)large plantations used for growing cash crops and worked by slaves
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WorldHistoryExam2ReveiwQuestions_015709 - MULTIPLE CHOICE...

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