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whether these mechanisms are passive or active (ie use energy or not). Mechanism for crossing plasma membrane Passive or Active? 1. Diffusion Passive 2. Facilitated diffusion Passive 3. Osmosis Passive 4. Active transport Active 5. Pinocytosis/phagocytosis/exocytosis Active 2. Which mechanism: a.) uses no energy and results in an even distribution of molecules? Diffusion b) uses no energy, and occurs across a semi-permeable membrane? Osmosis c) occurs across the membrane of red blood cells causing them to swell and burst when placed in distilled water? Osmosis d) uses energy and allows the cell to take into itself particles and bacteria? Phagocytosis e) moves substances across the plasma membrane from a low to a high concentration? Active transport f) uses a carrier molecule to help substances across a membrane but does not require energy? Facilitated diffusion 3. Circle the correct statements below. Diffusion
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Answerkeytomembranetransporthomework_074354 - 1 List 5...

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