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Background: basic structure • 6.1: Review (do not have to know details) - shows evidence for the basic atomic model • Sub-atomic particles include: Protons (p + ), neutrons (n ° ) and electrons (e ) •n ° : neutral, massive, in nucleus, e : -ve, small mass, orbits, p + : +ve, massive, in nucleus • Nucleus is small compared to size of atom p+ p+ e e _____ atom is shown Background: basic structure • Previous slide was a single atom • Let’s look at a compound: Cl Na • Notice that the nuclei are far apart • In other words, it’s the electrons that are important in bond formation Background: Movie • See OAC movie (0 - 10) 0 - 7: as above • 7 - 10: Rutherfords model is in trouble: an “accelerated charge” should fall into nucleus • Bohr revised Rutherford’s model to explain the existance of line spectra for elements… • See Fig 6.10 (pg. 192) or refer to demo (spectroscopes act like prisms to separate light into its component colours)
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