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Bohr’s Successes and failures: The wave nature of the electron The Photon and Quantum Read 192-194 (up to “The significance. ..”) Introduced to the concept of the photon light is still traveling as a wave, but not as an unlimited one Like this Not this The energy of a photon is: E = hv I.e. energy is dependent upon frequency Pg. 219 - 220, Q. 6.12, 6.19, 6.21, 6.23 Explaining the line spectrum Read remainder of pg. 194 The jumps between orbitals have different energies (like jumping between different steps on a staircase) Energy dictates frequency (E = h ν ) frequency dictates type of EM radiation, or type of colour Conclusion: the different lines of the spectra are explained by the different energies between orbitals The Bohr model of the atom Recall that Bohr added to Rutherford’s model the idea of fixed shells Evidence for Bohr’s Theory came from the existence of line spectra However, Bohr had difficulty explaining other observations
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