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Bonding Review: bond types, bond energy • We have been talking about atomic structure, now we are going to focus on molecules • There are 2 types of bonding: _____,________ • From 3A: _____ = stealing of electrons to form +ve and –ve ions. +ve and –ve then attract • _________ = sharing of electrons • We will see that there is no clear dividing line. What causes atoms to form molecules? • Basically, all things that happen spontaneously are energetically favorable (a book dropping) • You never see a book spontaneously rise • Something must be energetically favorable about atoms coming together as molecules • We will look at ionic first and then covalent Ionic bonding Ionic bonding involves 3 steps (3 energies) 1) loss of an electron(s) by one element, 2) gain of electron(s) by a second element, 3) attraction between positive and negative Na e + Na + Cl e + Cl + Cl Na + Cl Na + Ionic bonding: energies • Let’s keep track of numerical energy values
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