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Types of cells + + + Overview • “Cells” are containers of liquid with electrodes: • In “electrolytic cells”, electricity is used to force chemicals to undergo a redox reaction • In “galavanic cells”, electricity is produced spontaneously from a redox reaction Source or use of electricity Molten or aqueous chemicals Cell Electrode Assignment • Read pg. 695 - 697. Answer these questions: 1) What in this room is a product of electrolysis? 2) Are ions at the anode gaining or losing electrons? What about at the cathode? 3) How is the conduction of electricity in a wire different from in an electrolytic cell. 4) Will electricity be conducted indefinitely through an electrolytic cell? Explain. 5) 697 gives the cell reaction for the electrolysis of NaCl. Write half reactions and the cell reaction for the electrolysis of HF(aq) The electrolytic cell • Electric current forces charges on electrodes + + + Na + Na + Cl Cl •N a +
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