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Hybrid Orbitals, Lewis Diagrams, The Octet Rule Review • We can visualize a covalent bond as a balance between attraction and repulsion • A second way to view the formation of a bond is to consider orbital diagrams • Video (15 min - stop at HCl) • Now we can visualize atoms bonding because of the lower energy achieved via the stability of filled valence shells • The bottom line: atoms gain, lose, or share electrons to obtain noble gas electron configurations Video: filling subshells Video: filling subshells •Draw orbital diagrams for F+F, H + O, Li+F Hybrid orbitals • Two overlapping orbitals form what is known as a hybrid or molecular orbital • Just as in a s,p,d, or f orbital the electrons can be anywhere in the orbital (even though the electron has started out in one atom, at times, it may be closer to the other nucleus) • Each hybrid orbital has a specific shape (described in chapter 8) • You do not need to know shapes • You need to know that hybrid orbitals exist
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