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2 peripheral Lewis’ bonded to a central Lewis Skeletal structures Skeletal structures • Because there are exceptions to the octet rule, we need a set of rules to determine how many electrons surround atoms • The first step is to determine how the atoms are bonded in a molecule • Generally, if there is only one of one element and multiple copies of another element, the unique element is central • Commonly, H is peripheral, bonded to O • Read 7.6 (pg. 236) up to PE5. Do PE5. Counting total electrons Counting total electrons • Once we have determined the basic structure of the molecule we can start placing electrons around atoms • The first step is to determine the total number of electrons that are available • We use the group number of an element to indicate the number of valence electrons that it contributes to the molecule. • E.g. O in group VIA (6A), contributes 6 e s • Read 7.6 (pg. 237) up to PE6 (including example). Do PE6.
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