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redox-handout - Unit 7 Redox Whats the point REDOX...

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Unit 7: Redox & Electrochemistry What’s the point ? Electrical production (batteries, fuel cells) REDOX reactions are important in … Purifying metals (e.g. Al, Na, Li) Producing gases (e.g. Cl 2 , O 2 , H 2 ) Electroplating metals Protecting metals from corrosion Balancing complex chemical equations Sensors and machines (e.g. pH meter) What is Redox? REDOX stands for REDuction/OXidation Oxidation is often thought of as a combination of a substance with oxygen (rusting, burning) Just like with acid/base definitions the definition of oxidation is expanded Oxidation refers to a loss of electrons Reduction refers to a gain of electrons As a mnemonic remember LEO says GER L oss E lectrons = O xidation G ain E lectrons = R eduction Read 12.1 (pg. 443 - 445) Testing concepts Q- What is oxidation? What is reduction? Represent each as a chemical equation. Q- Why are 2Na+Cl 2 2NaCl & 2H 2 +O 2 H 2 O considered redox reactions?
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