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6.6 What is the fourth quantum number known as, what values can it have, and why is it important? It is known as the spin quantum number (or m s ). It can be either +1/2 or -1/2. It is important because it tells us that each orbital can have a maximum of only two electrons. Explain the Pauli exclusion principle. The pauli exclusion principle says that no two electrons in the same atom may have identical values for all four quantum numbers (in other words, the maximum number of electrons in an orbital is 2) Do not worry about remembering paramagnetism and diamagnetic. 6.7 Define electronic structure. The arrangement of electrons in an atom. How is atomic number symbolized? Z What defines atomic number? The number of protons in an atom. What are the two ways of expressing an atom's electronic structure? By writing it's electron configuration (with subshell designations and superscripts) or with orbital diagrams. In an orbital diagram, what is important to re- member about a subshell with only one electron?
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