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Naming compounds with functional groups You should be familiar with the rules for naming compounds that contain functional groups (handout) Give structures for these common names Methyl alcohol CH 3 –OH Ethyl alcohol CH 3 CH 2 –OH Isopropyl alcohol CH OH CH 3 C H 3 Acetylene HC CH Formic acid C H O OH Acetic acid C O OH C H 3 24.3, 24.4 What is an addition reaction? An addition of a molecule to a double or triple bond. The molecule is broken down in the reaction; the two parts of the molecule are added to either side of the double bond, leaving a single bond (or leaving a double bond when the addition is to a triple bond). Halogenation, and hydrogenation are types of addition reactions. Oxidation and hydrolysis are, in some cases, addition reactions. Polymerization, in some cases, may also proceed via addition reactions. What is meant by hydrolysis? Hydrolysis is a reaction in which water is one of the reactants.
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