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What name is given to the minimum energy required for a reaction? Activation energy (or Ea). Sketch a graph showing the typical distribution of kinetic energy (KE) among molecules. What is the name given to this graph? How is derived? The Maxwell-Boltzman graph. It can be shown experimentally (using a stream of vapor and two rotating disks). Illustrate graphically how temperature influences reaction rate. Explain the transition state theory? Give another name for transition state. This theory suggests that as molecules come together, they gain potential energy as they slow down (i.e as they loose kinetic energy). At the point where potential energy is at a maximum, new bonds have formed but old bonds are not yet completely broken. This transition state is also referred to as an activated complex. Graphically represent the formation of the transition state. Label all relevant ranges on the graph. What are the units of the x- and y- axes? How are exothermic changes
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