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VSEPR-worksheet-answers - Gather together the following...

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Gather together the following equipment: 6 small white Styrofoam balls, one large coloured ball, and 6 toothpicks. Complete the chart. Note: when building molecules use a large coloured Styrofoam ball as the central atom, small white balls as peripheral atoms, and toothpicks to represent bonds. If the molecule has resonance structures, draw these in the “Lewis structure” box (B), but build only one resonance structure for the “Build molecule” box (C). The bond angle for a tetrahedral molecule is 109.5 ° . Other bond angles can be calculated by correctly dividing the 360 degrees of a circle (look at your structure). A. Molecule B. Lewis structure (use rules for drawing Lewis structures) C. Build molecule (see pg 247), sketch, & give bond angles D. Number of peripheral atoms E. Bond angles (list all) F. Name (see pg. 247) 1. CH 4 4 109.5 ° Tetrahedral 2. BeF 2 3. PCl 5 4. CCl 4 5. PF 6 6. SO 3 H H H H C 109.5 Q1. What does VSEPR stand for? Q2. For molecules that have names associated with their shapes, what is the minimum number of atoms a molecule must have? Explain.
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