SampleExam3 - Exam 3 PHY 2130 Thursday Please type your...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 3 PHY 2130 Thursday, April 24, 2003 Please type your name here Please type your student number here Instructions: 1. Do all the questions. Show your work for partial credit. I must be able to understand what you have done while I am grading the exam – not when you explain it to me after the exam is graded and returned. 2. For each problem: (a) write down any formula(s) used (b) justify why you used that particular formula(s) (c) show your work! 1. A gas is enclosed in a container fitted with a piston of cross- sectional area 0.10 m 2 . The pressure of the gas is maintained at 8000 Pa, while heat is slowly added; as a result, the piston is pushed up a distance of 4.0 cm. If 42 J of heat is added to the system during the expansion, what is the change in internal energy of the system? 1. 10 J * 2. 20 J 3.-10 J 4.-20 J 2. A 0.40-kg object is attached to a spring with a spring constant 160 N/m so that the object is allowed to move on a horizontal frictionless surface. The object is released from rest when the spring is compressed 0.15 m. Find the acceleration of object at this instant. 1.-60 m/s 2 2. 60 m/s 2 * 3. 32 m/s 2 4.-32 m/s 2 Row: Seat: 3. Blood flows through the coronary artery that is partially blocked by deposits along artery wall. Through which part of the artery is the flux (volume of blood per unit time) is largest? 1. the narrow part 2. the wide part 3. the flux is the same in both parts * 4. not enough information 4. 4. The volume of an ideal gas is doubled while the temperature is increased from 100 K to 400 K. What is the final pressure in terms of its initial pressure pfrom 100 K to 400 K....
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SampleExam3 - Exam 3 PHY 2130 Thursday Please type your...

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