VerbalVisualTopicsrev09 - Homelessness Illiteracy...

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FINAL ASSESSMENT VERBAL-VISUAL ESSAY LIST OF SOCIAL ISSUES Aboriginal Issues in Canada (substance abuse, education, unemployment, Native rights) Abusive Relationships: (animal, child, elderly, spouse) Acquaintance Rape Adoption Advertising Ageism (aging Boomers) AIDS Alcoholism Animal Rights/Animal Testing Arranged Marriages/Honour Killings Bullying – youth violence Body Image – media’s influence on, (concept of beauty in our culture) Censorship (of movies, books, art, other types of media) Child labour (exploitation) Child poverty Discrimination (gender or race based) Divorce (effects on children, custody rights, grandparents’ rights, etc.) Drinking and driving Eating Disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia) Education Environmental Issues Euthanasia (Mercy Killing) Food banks Gambling Gangs (Canadian) Gay Rights (gay marriage) Genetic Engineering (cloning) Genocide Health Care
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Unformatted text preview: Homelessness Illiteracy Immigration Rights in Canada (citizenship, deportation, etc.) Industrial pollution – effects on health, environment, etc.) Internet – identity theft, privacy issues, etc. Mandatory retirement Mass media and social responsibility Mental Health – lack of adequate care/treatment Obesity amongst children and adults Poverty Privacy Rights/invasion of privacy Racism Reproductive technologies/ infertility – in vitro fertilization, sperm banks, etc. Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Sports (steroids, ethics, violence, etc.) Stem cell research – advantages and disadvantages Teenage runaways/street people Teenage sexuality/pregnancy Teenage stress/anxiety Unemployment – welfare, lack of affordable housing, etc.) Violence against women Violence in society (Gun violence) Women’s rights/issues...
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VerbalVisualTopicsrev09 - Homelessness Illiteracy...

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