MolExam2_02 - Spring 2002 Molecular Biology Exam #2...

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Molecular Exam 2, 2002 page 1 Spring 2002 Molecular Biology Exam #2 – Applying the Trade There is no time limit on this test, though I have tried to design one that you should be able to complete within 4 hours, except for typing. You are not allowed to use your notes, any books, any electronic sources except those specified in the exam, nor are you allowed to discuss the test with anyone until Monday March 25, 2002. EXAMS ARE DUE AT 11:30 ON MONDAY, MARCH 25 . You may use a calculator and/or ruler. The answers to the questions must be typed on a separate sheet of paper unless the question specifically says to write the answer in the space provided. If you do not write your answers on the appropriate pages, I may not find them unless you have indicated where the answers are. There are five pages for this exam, including this cover sheet. The figures were made by me taking digital pictures from journals. To avoid glares, I had to get funny angles, so don’t evaluate any figures based on a slanted appearance. All of the figures are at the end of the test and you may not want to print them out and just look at them on the screen. However, you may print them if you prefer. Just be careful about which printer you send it. Please do not write or type your name on any page other than this cover page. Staple all your pages
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MolExam2_02 - Spring 2002 Molecular Biology Exam #2...

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