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Unit 2 Notes - Presidential Powers and Limits...

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Presidential Powers and Limits Constitutional Powers -Commander-In-Chief -Make treaties -Veto laws -Receive ambassadors and other foreign dignitaries -Appoint federal officials -Pardons(grant amnesty to a group of people) and reprieves(clemency, death penalty) -Enforce the laws -Vested with “Executive Power” Thomas Jefferson -Non-Constituional Powers: “Party Leader” Presidential Coattails FDR -Non-Constitutional Powers: “Chief Legislator”, “Chief Executive” -first one to tell Congress flat out what he wanted President’s Own Legislation -Reorganization Act of 1939 created Executive Office of President (EOP) = West Wing -Full-time staff -Lobbying on the hill -Use of media -Office of Management and Budget Formerly Known as Bureau of Budget Return to a weaker president? -Don’t count on it because once power is given, it’s hard to take it back away -Quick action in foreign affairs may be needed Congressional Checks -Impeachment -No confirmation/ratification Senate -Veto Override -No appropriations -Oversight -Deny presidential legislation War Powers Act (1973) -Military Actions require President to notify Congress in a timely matter -Troop commitment no more than 60 days without Congressional approval Budget Reform Act of 1974 -Nixon’s overuse of “impoundment of funds” -45 day limit on freeze Supreme Court Checks -Declare presidential acts to be unconstitutional EX Truman: Steel Mill Case – tried to compel steel mills to stay open during the war using force Nixon: “Executive Privilege” –claimed that the president and his employees don’t have to say anything to the public and that all their conversations were private
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Bureaucratic Constraint -All of the departments and agencies (it’s huge!)
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