Unit 4 Notes

Unit 4 Notes - -Where do cities/local govts get revenue?...

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Unformatted text preview: -Where do cities/local govts get revenue? Taxes property & business Parking & traffic tickets Federal & state funding Bonds- Non Partisan? In labels only, not on issues-Policy Making & Federalism What do we want/expect from our govt? Liberties v. Security o Limited Govt v. Rule of Law Economics: not necessarily equality, more like equal opportunity. Thrust or Cynicism: Watergate, Clinton- Federalism Evolution towards 20 th century Dominance of Federal Govt (necessary & proper/commerce clauses) o Article VI: Supremacy Clause Since 1995 Devolution (10 th A.) o Shifted power back to the states -Cooperative v. Fiscal Federalism Federal Aid Title I Money o Categorical: specific area to use it on if you want the $ o Block Grants: more general (ex highway funding, healthcare costs) Mandates Funded or Unfunded o Civil Rights o Environment o ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) of 1990 o UMRA (Unfunded Mandate Reform Act) of 1995-Who sets the policy agenda? President o Foreign policy: considered most central o Media access o Executive orders: signing statements (law passed by congress & signed by president with a note of disagreement attached) Congress o Legislation: 2/3 majority o Appropriations o Oversight: power to investigate Supreme Court o Litigation rulings o Lower courts Bureaucracy o Department/Agency Discretion Media o Gate keeper Interest Groups o Information source o Iron triangle- Most Appealing Policies?...
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Unit 4 Notes - -Where do cities/local govts get revenue?...

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