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Etiquette Dinner Essay

Etiquette Dinner Essay - Mark Foster Etiquette Dinner...

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Mark Foster Etiquette Dinner Assessment BTST 321 TR 2:00-3:15 I attended the etiquette dinner on Tuesday the 23 rd . This experience for the most part was a success . I would like to say that I learned much and will be able to use this for my future . However, this is not the case . I already had known how to conduct myself in a business like setting . There was some useful information that I had acquired from this experience; and those were the videos on webct . I learned proper etiquette that I had previously not known before hand, thanks to the videos . To me, the videos on webct were the most important aspect of this experience . The etiquette I learned will help me to feel more confident in dinner situations . However, if a potential employer grades me on whether I use the continental or american style of eating, I would not want to work for that company in the first place . Another important piece of information I learned through this experience is to always wear a dark suit to a dinner . What follows a dark suit should be a darkish color shirt
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