1.01 SCM 3301 Class Syllabus

1.01 SCM 3301 Class Syllabus - S CM33 0 1 Service and...

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SCM 3301 Service  and  Manufacturing  Operations  Management Fall  2010 Section Time/Location: 11062 M-W 10:00 – 11:30 / MH-160 11066 T-TH 4:00-5:30/ MH-160 Professor: Victor B. Wayhan, Ph.D. Victor B. Wayhan, Ph.D. Office: 290-F Melcher Hall 290-F Melcher Hall Office Hours: M-TH: 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. or by appointment. M-TH: 11:30-1:00 p.m. or by appointment E-mail: Please use Blackboard email for all class-related business. Course Objective: Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the study of how organizations design, procure, produce, and deliver the goods and services customers want. SCM brings together the areas of Marketing, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, MIS, Statistics, and General Management to solve problems in effectively running an organization. Much of our work in this class will be focused on ways organizations use these principles to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Course Material: Instead of using a textbook, we require students to purchase a current copy of the course notes and assignments from the Copy Center in the Welcome Center prior to the first class meeting. In addition to class notes, this package includes the homework assignments (homework sets are included at the end of the package), sample exams, additional practice problems and solutions, etc. The package also includes lots of information about the course and its structure. Please read it carefully, as it will answer most of your questions relating to the course. Most students (and especially if you attend each class regularly) will find these notes to be sufficient. However, students needing additional help may find the following reference material useful: “Operations Management” 7e, Heizer & Render, 2008,
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1.01 SCM 3301 Class Syllabus - S CM33 0 1 Service and...

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