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UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON ENTREPRENEURSHIP ENTR 3310- 12805 ENTR 3310- 12806 ENTR 3310- 12807 ENTR 3310- 24333 Spring 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Carlos A. Ortega TIME: 10-11:30, Cemo 100D 11:30-1, Cemo 110D 1-2:30, Cemo 110D 2:30-4, Cemo 109 OFFICE: 250 Melcher Hall OFFICE PHONE: 713-743-4752 OFFICE HOURS: By appointment on Tuesday and Thursday E-MAIL: [email protected] (the best way to reach me) Welcome to Entrepreneurship 3310. My goal is to show you the working world of the Entrepreneur in a challenging and fun way. You will quickly discover I love to teach. I have taught over 18 college level business courses to thousands of students and have learned a thing or two along the way. The following is information about my classes: • Class participation is essential. .. You will, often , be asked to engage in discussions with classmates. Use this opportunity to get to know each other, propel you into sharing what you know, and to participate in class discussions. • Come to class every day… I regularly share information needed for exams during class and most of what I discuss will be on the exams. • Ask questions regularly… there will be other students wondering the same thing and you will help keep the class focused. • You need to know… I am willing to do anything reasonable to make your experience in this course the best it can possibly be. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can help you. COURSE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this course is to give you a foundation in Entrepreneurship. In order to teach this subject in a coherent and comprehensive manner, we have defined Entrepreneurship as a method of management. The method is different from traditional management in that it is focused very heavily on output at the expense of emphasizing organizational structure. Therefore, it is not suitable for very large organizations, but it is extremely effective in handling change and rapid growth. Small Business Management is a third form of management and very closely related to Entrepreneurial Management. This form is well suited for start-ups and companies small enough to be managed intuitively.
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Since Entrepreneurial Management is focused on rapid growth and the accommodation of both structural and technological change, its success depends heavily on the ability of its Chief Executive Officer to make timely and sound decisions. To succeed in this requirement, the Chief Executive Officer must thoroughly understand “The Business Process”. Therefore this course is taught to give the student an understanding of the Business Process from the Chief Executive Officer’s perspective. Each enterprise is different, but the basic business process does not change—only the way it is applied and the areas of emphasis. The importance, preparation and use of the Business Plan are covered in detail. The Business Plan is an essential ingredient of any start-up and remains important as a business grows. This course also covers skills and knowledge outside the operations area that is helpful to
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EntrepSyllabusSpring2011 - UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON...

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