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Tentative_S11_STAT3331_Syllabus - STAT 3331 Sections 16949...

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STAT 3331 Sections 16949, 16950, 16951 Statistical Analysis for Business Applications I Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Staci Smith Class Time: TTh 10:00-11:20 am, 180 MH (Sect. 16949) TTh 1:00-2:20 pm, 160 MH (Sect. 16950) TTh 4:00-5:20 pm, 180 MH (Sect. 16951) Instructor's Office: 260E MH Office Hours: I am usually in my office from 9:40-9:50 am, 11:30 am-12:50 pm, 2:30-3:50 pm, and 5:30-6:00 pm on class days (TTh). Office Phone: (713) 743-4717 E-mail address: [email protected] Website: www.bauer.uh.edu/ssmith (access directly or thru WebCT) Dept. Fax: (713) 743-4940 Required Text: The UH Customized Version of Essentials of Modern Business Statistics (With Microsoft Excel), 4th edition, by Anderson, Sweeney, and Williams .
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Grading Scale: 90 and up A 62-64.9999 D+ 85-89.9999 A- 58-61.9999 D 82-84.9999 B+ 55-57.9999 D- 78-81.9999 B 54.9999 and below F 75-77.9999 B- 72-74.9999 C+ 68-71.9999 C 65-67.9999 C- Grade Makeup: Homework 16% Exam 1 28% Exam 2 28% Exam 3 28% Homework: - Homework directions and assignments can be found in the back of the class packet. - Assignment due dates will be announced in class and then posted on the website. - Absolutely no late homework will be accepted! (You may make arrangements with me to turn it in early.) - Homework solutions will be posted on WebCT the same day the homework is turned in (usually by 9 PM). - Your lowest homework score will be dropped at the end of the semester. Exams: - Exam information can be found in the back of the class packet. - All exams are computerized and will be administered at the Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA) Testing Center located in 221 Garrison Gym. - Exam dates are established by CASA and can be found in the Class Schedule that follows. Students are responsible for scheduling their exams with CASA. Failure to schedule an exam or take an exam at its scheduled time will result in an exam grade of zero. - No makeup exams will be given unless there is a documented, extenuating circumstance and I am notified before the scheduled exam time. If a conflict is known in advance, arrangements must be made with me to take the exam early. Makeup exams will be given in my office and will be considerably more difficult than the actual exams.
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Tentative_S11_STAT3331_Syllabus - STAT 3331 Sections 16949...

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