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RA5 questions - READING ASSIGNMENTS The groups should each...

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READING ASSIGNMENTS The groups should each discuss the four questions included in the text below. Make sure you have a collective sense of what is meant, what is being elicited by way of a response. You do not need to develop draft answers in class . But you should discuss them to the point at which each member has a good idea on how to formulate the answer. You are trying to connect these readings to the themes of this course. By the end of your group meeting you should have divided the four questions among the FOUR group members. Each member will develop a short answer of 65 words or fewer. Do not include contextual information. Keep very close to the terms of the question and the content of the reading in question. If your group has fewer than four students, you may choose to tackle all four questions since they do help to familiarize yourselves with the texts related to the course and the term test, but if you choose the number of questions
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