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BIMM 101 - BIEB 150 Evolution Winter Quarter 2011...

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1 BIEB 150 Evolution Winter Quarter 2011 Instructor: Lin Chao Office Hrs: By appointment. The instructor will always be available after lectures to answer questions. However, if students require additional help on lecture materials, the instructor requests that students first try to address their questions to TA’s during section meetings. Because of the size of the class, the instructor cannot meet on a regular basis with individual students. If problems and questions cannot be satisfactorily addressed during section meetings, students are of course welcome to approach the instructor for clarification. If students have general questions or issues (topics not covered by present lectures, suggestions of possible lecture topics, ways to improve the course, career choices in biology, etc.) they are also welcome to approach the instructor. Phone: 858 822 2740; Email: [email protected]; office: 3256 Muir/Biology Building. Teaching Assistants: TBA Lectures: Tuesday/Thursday 2:00PM – 3:20PM; Solis 107. Sections: Please follow announcements in lecture. Sections are supervised by the Teaching Assistants. Attendance of sections is highly recommended, but not mandatory. The goal of the sections is to provide a chance for students to discuss, review and clarify material covered during the lectures. The attendance of sections is not a replacement for attending lectures. Exams: Midterm and Final to be administered in the same room as lectures, unless otherwise anounced. See attached Lecture Schedule for dates and times. Recommended Text: Evolutionary Analysis , 4 th Edition, by Scott Freeman and Jon C. Herron.Purves, Pearson Education, Inc., 2007. Recommended for additional reading, but not required.
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2 COURSE GOALS BIEB 150 offers an introduction to evolution. In this class, the process of evolution is taken from the perspective of a population. In biology, we can study how molecules are assembled to produce cells. Although some organisms are single-celled, we can also study how cells are in turn assembled to create more complex organisms. If we go one level higher, we find that organisms exist in populations. The goal of this course is to understand how interactions at the population level can help us understand the evolution of organisms. This course is more theoretical and mathematical than most courses in the biological
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BIMM 101 - BIEB 150 Evolution Winter Quarter 2011...

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