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PS 8, 1 Problem Set #8 BIMM100 Winter 2010 – Short Answers 1. If you are investigating a protein coding gene and need to create a library in order to isolate it, why would it be advantageous to create a cDNA library instead of a genomic library? 2. What features do expression vectors need that other vectors do not? 3. How can clones containing a gene of interest be identified in a genomic library? 4. Which of the techniques discussed in class for monitoring changes in expression rely on a labeled probe? 5. Which technique would you use to qualitatively observe differences in expression of many genes at the same time? 6. Where are pre-rRNA transcripts processed and ribosomes assembled? 7. Describe the important modifications that occur to form mature tRNA. 8. How many translation frames are possible in a specific mRNA molecule? 9. What is the polypeptide coded for by 5’ AUG GCU AAA AGG UAA 3’?
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Unformatted text preview: 10.What does it mean to say that the universal genetic code is degenerate? What is a synonymous codon? 11.If the anticodon of a tRNA is 5 IAC 3, what are all the possible mRNA codons that can be recognized? (make sure to indicate 5 and 3 ends of codons). Note: it may help to draw a picture. Which amino acid(s) do these codons code for? 12.If the mRNA codon is 5 CAU 3, what are all the possible anticodons that can be recognized? (make sure to indicate 5 and 3 ends). Note: it may help to draw a picture. 13.If a cell has fewer than 61 tRNAs, how are all the codons translated? 14.List the 3 stages of translation and the factors involved in each. 15.Name the three tRNA sites within a ribosome and indicate what process occurs at each site....
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