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stress management - Chapter 5 Question #1: I do agree that...

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Chapter 5 – Question #1: I do agree that our personality predicts how we deal with stress. I feel that if your personality is upbeat and positive, then you would handle your stress better because you wouldn’t have a negative attitude for anything. On the other hand, if your personality is negative and you always put yourself down, then stress wouldn’t be handled very easy. From the way that I see things, usually when I meet people that are always happy and don’t worry a lot, they seem to handle their stress very well. I have a couple of friends that have a bright personality and always keep their head up. When it comes to a stressful moment like final projects, they take it very well. They see it more as a challenge rather than something stressful and they turn it into something fun. Those type of people that are always positive and nothing ever seems to make them angry or stressed out. It’s a good thing to have positive people around you, this way they can help you calm down and deal with your stress like how they do it. If you’re a positive person, you would also probably have more patience and a better understanding as to why things happen. If you’re more patient, then you wouldn’t get frustrated all the time and get angry and stress yourself over something so small. People that have a positive personality always seem more calm and they seem better at dealing with their stress since it doesn’t really phase them because they always keep their head up and they don’t let stress get in their way. When I meet people that are always angry or get frustrated quickly, they seem to have trouble handling their stress. Because they are always getting angry and frustrated at anything that gets in their way, it shows that they don’t have any patience to deal with their problems. For those people that are always frustrated and impatient, I feel that everything is difficult for them to handle and organize their frustrations towards their life. I know my dad gets frustrated easily especially when things don’t go the way he wants it to, and usually when he’s stressed out about work or paying the bills, he doesn’t handle it very well. If he’s angry or irritated, he usually takes it out on others and doesn’t realize what he’s putting himself and others in a difficult position. With him, it shows that he has a hard time dealing with his stressors because he doesn’t stop to think and realize what he can do to avoid his stressful situations or organize them in a manageable way. Overall, I strongly agree that our personality and how we deal with our stress really relates to one another. If you’re the type of person that’s calm and willing to take a lot of time out just to relax and not focus on your stressors, then your life wouldn’t be so stressful. On the other hand, if you’re always getting frustrated, then every little thing will stress you out and you wouldn’t know how to control yourself to calm things down. If you’re always frustrated, you’re never going to get anything done and you won’t be
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stress management - Chapter 5 Question #1: I do agree that...

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