New Testament Theology

New Testament Theology - Study guide for a basic exam...

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Theology 100 Terms to Know: Epistles: letters of instruction written to different churches o Pauline (7): epistles that were almost definitely written by Paul, himself o Deutero-Pauline (6): epistles that were likely not written by Paul, himself Messiah: literally means “Anointed One” o Jesus is revolutionary rejects the division of Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and Essenes Gnosticism: gnosis = knowledge o Dualism Material = bad (rejection) Spiritual = good (redemption) Marcionism: “The angry god of the OT has no connection to the god of the NT, so let’s throw out the OT.” o Erase all Judaism from Christianity because it doesn’t promote unity Arianism: how can we say “Jesus is God?” o Arius was a bishop o God’s essence can’t be shared. o Logos ≠ eternal o Logos (2 nd part of trinity) = created o Word ≠ God Hypostatic Union: Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. o This is the response to the Christology chaos. Creed : credo – “I believe” o Personal – subjective o Communal - political Synoptic Gospels: means “seen together” Matthew, Mark, and Luke o The three shared similar sources (four source hypothesis) o Inculturation: adaptation of old ideas into a new culture (Jewish values into Greek ideas) Council of Nicea/Nicene Creed (325 AD): established the four marks of the church Ecumenical council: “universal” councils of the church, often very political o “Ousia” essence o “logos” word Jesus Pentecost: The Holy Spirit came to the Apostles in the Upper Room o Considered the birthday of the church
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New Testament Theology - Study guide for a basic exam...

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