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Paper One Assignment – IAH 207, Spring 2011, Bartley; Klomp, Kranzman, Sul, Tyler THE ASSIGNMENT: You will be constructing a focused, specific and original 4-5 page long argument that answers and reflects upon a specific question (see below for how to construct your question). The argument should be highlighted in a 1-3 sentence thesis statement that will likely appear in the first or last paragraph. You may refer to other passages/ aspects of the text when introducing or reflecting on your argument, but the argument itself should be grounded in a detailed reading of one particular passage/s, scene/s, or image/s (from Column A, see below). This reading should include a description of the passage/s, image/s, or scene/s and an analysis (i.e., an explanation of what it means). Make sure to introduce and explain direct quotes. Finally, the paper should explore the significance of its argument (this will likely happen in the conclusion). HOW TO CONSTRUCT YOUR QUESTION: In Paper One, you will be answering the following question: What does _____ tell us about the way [ Maus / LNJD / Kindred ] imagines _____? A B Fill in Space A with one of the following: The image on the back inside cover of Maus Spiegelman’s use of panels, frames, and gutters on [page of your choice in Maus ] The juxtaposition of animals in Maus with humans in “Prisoner on the Hell Planet” Metahistoriographical moments in Maus (choose 1-2 moments to use) A significant quote of your choice from Long Night’s Journey into Day (see next page for more info) The selection and/or arrangement of the specific stories in LNJD The children’s performance of the auction block in Kindred (p. 99, but look immediately before and after too) The nature of Dana’s injuries in Kindred (choose 1-3 passages to use) Rufus’s transformation over the course of Kindred (choose 1-3 passages to use) The Epilogue to Kindred Fill in Space B with one of the following: The effects of violence / human rights violations on the body and/or psyche The effects of witnessing violence/ human rights violations
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The way systems of oppression (genocide, apartheid, slavery) operate on the personal or societal level The way identity (individual or communal) is constructed in the face (or aftermath) of violence The importance of narrating/ testifying to histories of violence
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