Water_Quality_Part_I-2 - pepper extract or chysanthemum...

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Name ______________________________________ Section #___________ Water Quality Investigation Part I: Sewage Treatment Plant Make predictions as to whether there will be a change in the following water quality parameters upstream and downstream of a sewage treatment plant. Provide justification for these predictions. Parameter Upstream Downstream Reason for Prediction DO Temperature Chlorine pH Nitrates Part II: Pollution Effects on Brine Shrimp 1. You are testing the dose-dependent impact of ________________________ (cigarette extract,
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Unformatted text preview: pepper extract or chysanthemum extract) on brine shrimp survival. 2. What do you hypothesize will be the outcome of this experiment? 3. Is this a controlled investigation and why? 4. Explain the value and importance of including a treatment that contains no toxins/extracts. 5. What is the experimental purpose or benefit of this experimental design (serial dilution)? 6. Describe anthropogenic impacts or real world sources of pollution that aquatic invertebrates may encounter....
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Water_Quality_Part_I-2 - pepper extract or chysanthemum...

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