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ISB 201L Energy and the Ecosystem Name __________________________ Optional High Performance Event / Exercise Allow volunteers to ride on exercise bikes in an attempt to light all light bulbs on the unit. How long can this kind of activity be maintained? What kind of exercise would this be categorized as? Lower Performance Event / Exercise Place 300 ml of water in the heating apparatus container. Have 2-3 members of each group pedal the exercise bike for 1-2 minutes each. Collect the following information. 1. __________ How long was exercise performed in minutes? 2. __________How many Joules of energy were produced? 3. __________What change in the temperature of the water was produced? 4. __________Using Q=mc T, determine how many heat calories were produced. 5. __________ In theory, how many food calories were burned? 6. __________1 food calorie is equal to 4190 joules. Use the number of joules produced to calculate the number of food calories burned. 7. Are the results for #5 and #6 the same?
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Unformatted text preview: If not, what would explain this? Which of the two is more accurate and why? 8. __________How many food calories per gram are in Baked Doritos ? 9. __________Using the most accurate information available to you, determine how long would it take to burn off the food calories contained in 1 gram of Baked Doritos. 10. ___________How long would it take to burn off the food calories contained in 1 serving of Baked Doritos? How does this exercise help to illustrate energy flow in an ecosystem and the typical pyramid of biomass? Besides energy acquisition , what other activities do organisms do that burns or requires energy? What is the relative rate of respiration of an insect compared to a mammal? As a result, which do you think is more efficient at metabolism and energy conversion? As a result, how does this relate to insects being described as an environmentally friendly choice of foods?...
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Worksheet_-_Energy_and_Ecology-1 - If not, what would...

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