Comparative Analysis Essay idea paragraph

Comparative Analysis Essay idea paragraph - reconcile the...

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“Man with a Guitar” and “As I Lay Dying” Braque's “Man with a Guitar,” painted in 1911, shares formal and thematic  qualities with Faulkner's novel  As I Lay Dying .  A cubist painting, “Man With a  Guitar” does not easily reveal the subject mentioned in its title because the man  with a guitar appears as a scattering of fragments or shards; he appears to be  disintegrating or shattering.  Faulkner approximates Braque's technique in  As I  Lay Dying , which is a series of fragments that outline a larger story.  The  fragments in both works sit uncomfortably beside the others.  In Braque's painting,  definite lines distinguish the shards from each other, just as the boundaries of the  characters' consciousnesses separate the chapters in  As I Lay Dying .  Nothing can 
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Unformatted text preview: reconcile the different characters' perspectives in As I Lay Dying except a reader's imagination, just as only a viewer's imagination can put the broken pieces of Braque's image in order, or at least grasp the outlines of the subject. Both works, therefore, engage their audiences in acts of imaginative re-creation. At the center of both works, however, is disintegration: the man with the guitar in Braque's painting, and Addie Bundren, a literally disintegrating corpse at the center of the Bundren's odyssey. Occupying another central role in Faulkner's novel is Darl's disintegrating sanity. Both writer and artist exhibit a concern with the modern theme of fragmentation in a once-coherent world that has come undone....
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Comparative Analysis Essay idea paragraph - reconcile the...

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