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Comparative Analysis Idea Paragraph Due: Monday, March 7 th Format:  You must print out a copy (do not email your assignment to me).   Assignment:  Find a work of visual art either online or at a nearby museum (they will  probably have most works in their collections available online) and print the image  (black and white is ok) or copy it to a word document.  Then write one paragraph in  which you offer ideas about connections between your novel and the work of art.  Do the  works share motifs, conflicts, themes, or formal qualities?  You may have to do some  research for this, perhaps about the artist or the time period during which the work was  made.  These concerns might be relevant to your comparison.  However, the ideas in the  paragraph should be your own.  
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Unformatted text preview: Feel free to speculate and take a chance in this assignment. You will not be graded on the correctness of your ideas. I will only be disappointed if your ideas are generic or have little to do with the specific qualities of your novel and chosen artwork. I will allow you to change your work of art for the final paper, but for many of you, the work you choose now will be the one you end up writing about. Choose carefully and be sure to look at a lot of pieces of art. If you do not want to use a painting, you have other options: sculpture, architecture, photography, drawing. Be sure to look over a sample I created that compares As I Lay Dying to George Braque's Man With a Guitar ....
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