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Modernist Experimentation Assignment

Modernist Experimentation Assignment - Do not just look...

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Modernist Experimentation Assignment For this assignment you will use the web to explore several famous (infamous) works of art during the Modernist period. Directions: Look on the web for information about each artwork listed below. Then write a brief description of the work (who made it? what is it?) and explain how it challenged artistic conventions. Try to find descriptions of the public’s reaction to the work as well. Tips: Use a variety of sources.
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Unformatted text preview: Do not just look these up on Wikipedia, although you may look there. Try to find images of the work or excerpts from the work so that you can see it yourself. Your descriptions must be in your own words. Do not plagiarize. You may quote if you cite your source. Artworks: Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe 4’33 Fountain (R. Mutt) Le Sacre du Printemps Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man The Wasteland La Mer The Red Wheelbarrow...
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