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Modernist Review Questions

Modernist Review Questions - of As I Lay Dying 7 Using...

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Review Questions for Modernist/Southern Gothic Unit 1. What is the importance of Kierkegaard’s philosophy to Flannery  O’Connor’s understanding of divine presence and grace? 2. Contrast Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot’s conceptions of poetry with Walt  Whitman’s.  What did they learn from Walt Whitman, and where do  you see his influence in their poetry as well? 3. Explain the importance of formal innovation to the modernist writers  such as Faulkner and Eliot.  Reference other artistic mediums in your  discussion. 4. Explain the strong tension between conservatism and the desire for  change in Faulkner’s fiction.  Find evidence of this in both “A Rose for  Emily” and As I Lay Dying .   5. Why is the South fertile ground for the exploration of modernist  themes in literature?  Be sure to use specific examples. 6.  Trace the (possible) influence of Freud and Nietzsche on the structure 
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Unformatted text preview: of As I Lay Dying . 7. Using examples from what we have read in this unit, piece together a rough outline of the modernist attitude towards Christianity. Why do you think Christianity figures so prominently in modernist fiction and poetry? 8. Comment on the importance of irony to modernist literature. Cite examples and explain their significance to the works in which they are found. 9. How did the First World War affect the attitude of the generation that lived through it and fought in it? Where do you see these effects in the literature of this decade? 10. What elements of Southern gothic fiction do Flannery O’Connor and William Faulkner share in the stories we have read by them, and how do these Southern gothic elements work in these stories?...
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Modernist Review Questions - of As I Lay Dying 7 Using...

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