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2 nd Trimester Final Exam Study Guide Terms and Vocabulary Mass Density Thermometer Barometer Reason for the seasons-tilt and revolution Conduction Convection Radiation Re-radiation Heat Volume Dew point Condensation Evaporation Relative humidity Saturate Air pressure Advection Humidity Air Mass Concepts/Knowledge Composition and properties of the atmosphere -specifically the troposphere and stratosphere. The different gases including permanent and variable gases. Greenhouse gases and their importance. Uneven/differential heating of the Earth -convection cycle, creation of wind via high and low pressure
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Unformatted text preview: Heating of the Earth’s Atmosphere-radiant heat (sun), absorption, reflection, conduction, reradiation to water vapor and carbon dioxide, conduction through gases and convection of air Wind-how land, sea, valley and mountain breezes form from differences in pressure. It is created by vertical movement of air or convection. Movement of air by convection and movement of air masses. Movement is based on high and low pressure created by uneven heating of the Earth’s surface. When two air masses meet it is called a front....
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