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Unformatted text preview: 8 Grade Science 2010-11 2010-11 th Mr. Kiser Room 805 What We Will Study What 1st Trimester- Atoms and Molecules 2nd Trimester- Cycles in Earth Systems 3rd Trimester- Inheritance, Variation and Adaptation Adaptation Class Expectations Class Be on time and prepared Work completed and turned in on time Pencil and Notebook required for every Pencil class class Be respectful to all No Horseplay-ever! Always do your best Grading Policy Grading Based on Total Points Exams and major Exams projects are weighted projects Practice assignments Practice like labs and homework are not weighted Work must be completed Work on time or no credit will be given be 69 and below F 70-72 C73-76 C 77-79 C+ 80-82 B83-86 B 87-89 B+ 90-92 A93-100 A Homework and Labs Homework There will be homework but it won’t be every There night. night. The majority of the work we do will be in labs The and most of the work done in class and Notebooks will be used in class during Labs Notebooks and during formal note taking and Make-up Labs need to be scheduled with me Students are required to pick up their missed Students work. It is their responsibility to come to me to get missed work. I will not go to them. Exams Exams Exams will occur after every 1-2 Exams investigations investigations A Final Unit Exam will be at the end of Final each trimester Students should study notes for exams Extra Credit Extra Extra credit will only be given as a Extra bonus. It will not be given in place of work that a student failed to complete. A student may request extra credit if all previous work has been completed on time. been Supplies Supplies Each student will need 1 Each science notebook per trimester trimester They can be purchased They for $0.50 at Student Services Services Used for notes, charts, Used vocabulary, graphs and data collection data Atoms and Molecules Atoms substances – mystery mixture Elements/periodic table Particles – compressing air in closed cell/open cell, capture gas in Particles a balloon/syringe balloon/syringe Kinetic Energy – expanding metal/air/liquid (make a thermometer) Kinetic – energy of motion, observe expansion of matter energy Energy transfer – mix hot water with cold water, observe change Energy in temp in Phase change – water/salt freezes water in cup Solutions – mixtures/saturation – saturate solution with Solutions substances, filter it out and weigh it. substances, Reaction – use element tiles to guess reaction products, balance Reaction equations equations More reactions – experiments to infer how much reactant was More consumed consumed Cycles in Earth Systems Cycles Weather and Water Catastrophic Events Catastrophic which includes Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes Hurricanes, How clouds form and How why why Heating of the Earth’s Heating Atmosphere by the Sun Atmosphere Supplemental Materials Supplemental Metric Mania-students Metric learn how to use the metric system metric Daily Science Factsgeneral science review Simple Science-Content Simple Articles Articles Bill Nye Videos Science in the News Mythbusters- real Mythbustersworld investigative science science ...
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