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Calculating Daylight Hours

Calculating Daylight Hours - 1 Create a data table to...

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Calculating Daylight Hours Learning Targets: Seasons of the Earth and graphing data To find the sunrise and sunset times go to this website and enter the appropriate data: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneYear.php Choose to compare one of the following sets of cities: Houston, TX and Seattle, WA Sydney, Australia and San Diego, CA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Boston, MA Anchorage, AK and Phoenix, AZ
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Create a data table to record your daylight hours 2. Graph your data-use a different color for each city 3. Make sure that your graph is labeled and that the scale is correct 4. Use the 21 st day of Each Month as your reference point (Jan through Dec. 2010) This assignment is worth twenty points. 10 for the data table and 10 for the graph....
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